2019 Memorandum of Understanding

2019 Playoff Rules




*please note roster cards can only be created and signed by a club registrar.


Blow-Out Policy

In MISA a “blow out” is defined by a team winning by more then 6 goals. We assume all coaches will do their best to instill good sportsmanship within their teams, however in the event a blow out occurs here are MISA’s blow-out policy:

-The 1st time a blow-out occurs the offending team is issued a warning.

-The 2nd time the win will only count as 1 point instead of 3.

-The 3rd offense the offending team gets zero points for that game and is disqualified from participating in the playoffs.

-In the event of a blow-out an email will be sent to the club, both coaches, and board members to address the incident.

-False reporting of a blowout (reporting incorrect score) is penalized as follows:

-1st false report receives a warning.

-2nd false report earns immediate playoff disqualification.

*For any questions or concerns please email your MISA representative.