MISA is following the Marin County guidelines regarding masking. At this time, masking is not required for outdoor activities for players. Each soccer club or facility may have its own guidelines and enforcement regarding masking for coaches and parents, and for players not involved in active play. Please refer to your club for current policies. It is NOT the duty of the referees to enforce masking should that requirement come into effect. We will update this statement if county guidelines change.


For games played in Petaluma (this applies to high school age only): At this time, Petaluma is requiring that unvaccinated players wear face coverings as they travel from their personal vehicles onto the soccer field, and at all times when not participating in trainings and games, and that face coverings be worn by unvaccinated coaches and unvaccinated spectators at all times


Please follow county guidelines regarding illness and testing. Do NOT allow your child to play in a game if they are not feeling well.


If a game is canceled due to possible exposure, we will make every effort to reschedule games, time and field space permitting.

Air Quality


If AQI is 150 or greater (using Purple Air) in the host city, games will be canceled. The home team’s club must make this call at least 2 hours before kickoff.


If AQI is 100-150, it is recommended that games have added rest breaks and increased substitutions.



If it is 100 degrees or higher in the host city, those games will be cancelled.

If it is 90-100 degrees, it is recommended that games have added rest breaks and increased substitutions.



If it rains, it is up to the home team club to notify if games are canceled as it depends on the field venue.