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The Basics by Grade
Regular Season Games
5th/6th Grade
  • Size 4 Ball

  • 30 minute halves; 10 minute halftime

  • 9 players vs 9 players (including goalkeeper

  • 5 players minimum*

  • NO intentional heading or directing of the ball with head allowed. Violation results in Indirect Free Kick.

  • Rules starting at this age (as opposed to younger grades) are based on FIFA, with exception of the header rule above. Goalie may punt.

7th/8th Grade
  • Size 5 Ball

  • 35 minute halves; 10 minute halftime

  • 11 players vs 11 players (including goalkeeper

  • 7 players minimum*

  • Intentional heading or directing of the ball with head IS allowed.

High School (9th/10th and 11th/12th)
  • Size 5 Ball

  • 40 minute halves; 10 minute halftime

  • 11 players vs 11 players (including goalkeeper

  • 7 players minimum*

  • Intentional heading or directing of the ball with head IS allowed.


*If a team cannot start the game with the minimum number of players, the team must forfeit the game.


Information may be different for Playoffs. Please see Playoff Rules.

Rules for All Grades
Playing Time
  • All players must participate in at least 50% of the game, unless injured. Violation of this rule can result in forfeit.

  • Substitutions may occur at any stoppage of play and at the discretion of the referee.

Yellow and Red Cards
  • Player or coach given a red card, or 2 yellow cards resulting in a red card, is ejected from game and suspended for team’s next game.

  • All coaches shall manage all games, ensuring that all players, coaches, and spectators participate or view games in a respectful manner, ensuring the highest level of sportsmanship.

  • In all cases, without exception, players, coaches, and spectators shall treat the referees with the highest level of

  • A player, coach, or spectator may be removed from participating in any game, or from viewing any game for any form of misconduct. The referee has the authority to remove said person, and stop or terminate the game until that person leaves the playing facility.

Tie Games
  • Regular season games may end in a tie (no overtime).

  • Playoffs: Two 5-minute Golden Goal overtime periods (first goal wins), then Penalty Kick Shoot Out, based on FIFA Laws of Game.


  • If a team must forfeit for any reason before a game has started, the score shall be recorded as 1-0. If the forfeit occurs after a game has started, then the score shall be the score at the time of the forfeit.

Playoff Rules

Blowout Policy

A "blowout" is winning by more than 6 goals.

For example, 7-1 is acceptable; 8-1 is not. 


We assume all coaches will do their best to instill good sportsmanship within their teams. However, in the event of a blowout, MISA will enforce its Blowout Policy as follows:

  • First offense: Offending team is issued a warning.

  • Second offense: The win will only count as 1 point instead of 3 points.

  • Third offense: The offending team gets 0 points for that game and is disqualified from participating in the playoffs.

Reporting of blowout:

An email notification will be sent to the club, both coaches, and board members to address the incident.

False reporting of a blowout (reporting incorrect score) will be penalized as follows:

  • 1st false report: team receives a warning.

  • 2nd false report: team is disqualified from playoffs.

For Blowout Policy rules in Playoffs, see our Playoffs page.

Roster Card & Player Policy​
  • Coaches must present a copy of the roster card at the game either in printed, laminated form or in digital form. Digital copies will be kept on file with MISA admin and must match what is presented at the game. Please contact your club's registrar for official roster cards.

  • All rosters become frozen October 1st. Exceptions can be presented to the board for approval.

  • Only players and coaches listed on the roster card can participate in the respective game.

  • If a team does not have a roster at game time or plays a player who is not on the roster, the MISA board reserves the right to take appropriate action which could include a forfeit or change in the outcome of the game.

  • A MISA Alliance Club, at their discretion, may approve a temporary or fill-in coach on a per game basis. The respective club’s registrar must prepare a written note stating that the coach is authorized, and can be presented in an email form at check in.

Reporting Scores

​The home team coach should report the score.


Go to:

Enter the following information:

PIN# = 1996 
(Playoff PIN# = 7044)

Game Number
Team Names
Final Score

If the away team would like to dispute the score, please email



The Memorandum of Understanding explains the MISA organization.


Read the full text of rules created by the Marin Interleague Soccer Alliance.


Roster cards are required for every game. Contact your registrar. See sample here.

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