Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report 2019 scores?

To report scores go to

and follow this process:

1. Enter Pin #1996

2. Enter Game Number

3. Enter Team Names

4. Ener Final Score

Only one of the two teams needs to report the score. The first team to report in becomes the reported score. 

This process can be found at the bottom of the schedules page:

What if our score is wrong?

If a score is reported wrong or you disagree with the posted score. You can email a dispute to 

How do I reschedule a game?

No Reschedules. Contact your Club Board Member for questions.  

What if I do not have enough players for the game?

If you can not field a team please let us know ASAP.

1) Email your club

2) Email MISA

* Please note emailing the day of is not acceptable field and referees need 24 hour notice to be cancelled without charge.

How do I register my kid to play soccer?

Contact your local club. Links to all clubs can be found on the header of every page. 

What is the Blow Out Policy?

Blow-Out Policy: In MISA a “blow out” is defined by a team winning by  more then 6 goals .

We assume all coaches will do their best to instill good sportsmanship within their teams,

however in the event a blow out occurs here are MISA’s blow-out policy:

-The 1st time a blow-out occurs the offending team is issued a warning.

-The 2nd time the win will only count as 1 point instead of 3.

-The 3rd offense the offending team gets zero points for that game and is disqualified from participating in the playoffs.

-In the event of a blow-out an email will be sent to the club, both coaches, and board members to address the incident.

-6-0 or 7-1 is an acceptable score. 7-0 or 8-1 is not acceptable. 


-False reporting of a blowout (reporting incorrect score) is penalized as follows:

-1st false report receives a warning.

-2nd false report earns immediate playoff disqualification.

If you have questions or complaints you should email your club's MISA Representative.

Not the MISA Coordinator. 

How does 2018 Playoff seeding work? 

First all age group divisions are combined.

Then they are seeded. 

Because of the fires seeding will be done by team total points/games played. 

(*In demosphere you can find this number in your rankings above your schedule on the far right labeled Pts/GP)

Tie breakers are as follows:

1)Overall Record

2) Overall Goal Differential

3)Overall Goals Against

4) Overall Goals For

*Season Points system:

Win=3 pts, Tie=1 pts, Loss=0 pts

*all teams make playoffs unless disqualified 

Single Elimination Seeding





Where do I find the playoff rules?

Playoff Tab /Click Here 

High School Playoffs

Tournament Style.

Play 2-3 games each in the first round.

Top 2 teams go to the finals.

3rd/4th play consolation.

Who should I contact?

Rules and policy questions? MISA Rep

Game Score Issues ? MISA Coordinator

Don't Have MISA Rep Email? Club or MISA Coordinator

Question about your player, your team, your referee, the other team? MISA Rep

What is a MISA Representative vs Coordinator?

Each club has their own MISA representative. 

MISA Coordinator works for the representatives to create the schedule

and send out mass emails. Should not be contacted for more then website and game score help.

Contact your MISA Rep First.