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How do I report scores?

The home team coach should report the score. 

To report scores go to

and follow this process:

Enter Pin 1996 (7044 for Playoffs)

Enter Game Number

Enter Team Names

Enter Final Score

If the game is a forfeit, report the score as 1-0.

What if a reported score is wrong?

If a score is reported incorrectly or you disagree with the posted score, email

How do I reschedule a game?

You may not reschedule a game. Contact your club's Board Member for questions.  

What if I do not have enough players for the game?

Minimum requirements can be found on the Rules & Protocols page.

If you cannot field the minimum number of players for a game, please let us know ASAP,

by emailing your club and the MISA coordinator at 

* Please note: emailing the day of the game is not acceptable,

as fields and referees need 24 hour notice to be canceled without charge.

How do I register my kid to play soccer?

Contact your local club. Links to all clubs can be found on the Home page

What is the Blowout Policy?

Please see the complete Blowout Policy on our Rules & Protocols page.

Blowout Policy rules for Playoffs can be found on our Playoffs page.

If you have questions or complaints, please email your club's MISA Representative.

How does Playoff seeding work? 

All age group divisions are combined, and then they are seeded based on the points they earned in the season.


Season Points system:

Win=3    Tie=1    Loss=0

In the event of a tie in season points, seeding will be based on the following::

1. Overall Record

2. Overall Goal Differential

3. Overall Goals Against

4. Overall Goals For


Single Elimination Seeding

(example for 8-team playoff):






All teams make playoffs unless disqualified!

Where do I find the playoff rules?

On the Playoffs page

Who should I contact?

Please see our Contact page.

What is a MISA Representative vs the MISA Coordinator?

Each club has their own MISA representative who can answer most questions if the individual coaches cannot.. 

The MISA Coordinator works for the Representatives to create the game schedule

and send out mass emails. The MISA Coordinator should not be contacted for more than website and game score help.

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