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"Let the coaches coach and the kids play!"

To ensure that everyone has a great experience, MISA asks that you please keep the following in mind when attending your child's game:


Avoid ‘coaching’ from the sideline while watching your child’s game.


A common problem in youth sports is the impulse parents have to shout instructions to their young player from the sideline. It’s especially difficult for a child because he or she either gets confused or tends to defer to what a parent says, which may conflict with the instructions from the coach. Cheering is encouraged, but please leave the coaching to the coaches.

Do not criticize the referee.


Many of the referees that MISA uses, especially for the younger age games, are learning themselves. The league has a lot of trouble finding young referees who are willing to make the training commitment to learn to referee, and it makes it even harder when referees face verbal abuse from parents during games. Please help us make soccer a positive experience for everyone.

Focus on the benefits of the game rather than the score.

Far too often parents worry about the score rather than the experience their child has while playing youth sports. While it is natural for everyone to want to win, parents need to focus on the bigger picture. Youth sports is about player development and improvement. Losing is an important part of that process. Instead of asking "did you win?" try asking your child "Did you have fun today?" Your child won't remember the outcome of the games as much as he or she will remember whether or not they had fun.

Remain respectful of opposing fans and players.


We are all part of the same community. If you feel that something that the opposing fans or players are doing is inappropriate, bring it up to your coach so that they can be aware of it and try to address the issue. Think twice about negative comments or criticisms of other parents or opposing players. Set the example of good sportsmanship.


Save issues with the coach for the next day.

If you don’t agree with how much your child played in a game or another decision the coach made during the match, take some time to think about it rather than confronting the coach in front of your child and the team. Please remember, all of our MISA coaches are volunteers. Without them, we would not have rec soccer! If you do have feedback for the coach, please go home, talk to your family about it and get in touch with the coach the next day and try to address the issue. If after trying to address the issue directly with the coach, it hasn't been resolved to your satisfaction, contact your MISA rep.

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